THE ART OF CARE
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Department Page

•  Our Doctors and Nurses serve the emergency Patient around the clock.

•  All life support medication like – oxygen supply, Nebulizer machine, Haemoglucometer and all emergency drugs are available here.

•  We have a mini air-condition operation theater where all types of dressing and minor surgery can be done. In Emergency department, there is also a separate air condition observation room. Here a Emergency Patient can stay up to recovery, If needed.

•  Emergency Doctor insert the I/V (intro venous) Canola to the age group babies for their injectable anti-biotic treatment.

Emmergency Numbers

+880 17 15839400 (Front Desk)

+880 17 77814499 (Doctor's Room)

+880 17 42204738 (Doctor's Room)

+880 17 54501429 (Doctor's Room)

+880 17 62002002 (ICU)

+880 17 82188777 (Home Health Care Service)

+880 17 32675603 (Ambulance)

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