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21 Oct


1. Infection Control Programme: The Hospital has launched infection control Programme in 1995. International Seminar on “Hospital Hygiene and Infection Control” has been arranged. Presently “Train the Trainer” on “Hospital Hygiene and Infection Control” course is going on with the technical cooperation of ACADE, the Specialised School for Nursing Education, the Netherlands. Quarterly Newsletter on the programme are also published regularly and distributed among all the Health Care Organizations in the country free of charges. 2. CPR Course: Cardio-pulmonary Resuscitation Course also organized by our Hospital technical cooperation of the Department of Anaesthesiology of Dhaka Medical College Hospital. Special courses are designed for individual groups like doctors, nurses, and general people. The course is going on phase by phase. 3. Service to Humanity: In recent time acid burn has become a great social problem in our country. Unfortunately, most of the victims are from the privileged groups and there is no organized system of medical care available for them. Our hospital has taken up a program to extend all possible medical support (including reconstructive surgery) to these unfortunate group of people free of charge.